Sunday with Joel Dommett: ‘In bed until 10am if I’m feeling fruity’

Sunday morning? I love the feel of a Sunday, but sometimes Sundays are like Tuesdays, but a Wednesday can be a Sunday, too. If it’s a day off, I wake up at 9.30am, but stay in bed until 10am if I’m feeling fruity. Then my wife, Hannah, makes pancakes.

The perfect day? I’d work out – to earn those pancakes. Then we’ll go for a bike ride if the weather’s good. I got her a cute Dutch bike with a basket for Christmas. We’ve started going to Hampton Court along the Thames with a coffee stop. It sounds like a Richard Curtis movie… how clichéd.

Sundays growing up? I’m from farming stock – Mum always cooked a roast dinner. My first weekend job was at a pet shop in Thornbury for £15 a day, which I’m pretty sure was illegal. I’d cycle there, bag up the animal feed, then eat battered sausages and chips before buying Kerrang!, which I’d read perched on the dog food.

A special Sunday? The day I got ‘Sunday’ tattooed on my body. Hannah and I were in LA a couple of years back, and walked past a tattoo shop. We’d been talking about how we love eating croissants on Sundays, so I got a picture of one inked on my arm with ‘Sunday’ written above it. We’ve not had a Sunday croissant since.

A day to yourself? This is really sad, but I’d go to this amazing CrossFit box called Tio with barbells outside on the edge of a park so you can enjoy the sunshine. I’d go with friends, we’d play loud music, lift weights and get tanned. That’s a fun day for me.

And Sunday night? Chilling out on the sofa, eating snacks and watching Below Deck, the most relaxing thing on telly. We’ve not had guests over since before the pandemic: I honestly can’t remember what it’s like to have friends.